Planning To Retire In Next 10 Years ?

Comprehensive Financial Strategies For Consistent and Sustainable Retirement Income.

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Understand Financial Concepts

Increased Confidence

Improved Investment Strategy

Understand Tax Implications

What you will get

Day 1 : Master the art of Social Security programs

Learn the intricate world of Social Security Programs like CPP and OAS. By the end of this session, you'll navigate these programs with ease and leverage them to support your retirement years.

Day 2: Strategize Your Retirement Withdrawals

Learn the optimal times and amounts for withdrawing from your retirement assets such as RRSP, TFSA, and non-registered accounts.

Day 3 : Guide Your Investments Pre and Post-Retirement

We'll demystify the investing process, ensuring you're prepared to make informed decisions that can generate lasting growth for your nest egg.

Day 4 : Identify and Mitigate Retirement Risks

You will acquire the knowledge to foresee, assess, and manage these risks, safeguarding your retirement from unforeseen financial turbulence

Day 5 : Thrive Beyond Finances

Explore non-financial aspects of retirement and learn to cultivate a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle that promotes happiness and wellbeing